A comparison of Netent vs Playtech

  • Jan 19, 2021

Netent and Playtech are two of the most important gaming platforms in the online gaming industry now. Both these brands develop their own gaming software, support casinos with games hosting and also act as a marketplace for global casinos. Websites like https://www.topnetent-casinos.com are easy to access and help you choose between hundreds of online casino games. This article will help you understand the pros and cons of both these gaming platforms and help you pick the right choice for your gaming needs.

The advantages of choosing Playtech

This brand was established in the year 1999 and offers top-class gaming software and other gaming solutions to players in about 140 countries in the world. This brand deals with games of all top categories and produces a lot of award-winning slots and games. 6112946.com offers you games with stunning graphics that are easy to play. One of the main advantages of Playtech is its local hosting available for individual countries. Dealers in live games are native speakers, making it easy to play rounds.

Another advantage that players love with Playtech is the quality of video that the live games offer. Unlike other websites that keep having issues with video quality and buffering issues while handling live games, this website gives you games in professional studio settings and with great quality. Playtech also offers great customer service. You can reach their team through calls or emails and ask them to help you with your query. This is a factor that is very important to serious gamers.


The advantages of choosing Netent

Netent is another equally good gaming platform that was established about 20 years ago. The brand is one of the most progressive and smart gaming developer and marketplace in the world right now. You can play more than 200 games on this website. One of the top advantages of this site is the detailed descriptions of games provided on the site. You can even see the trailer of the game before playing it. Other advantages of choosing Netent are mentioned here.

  • Clear mention of Return To Player (RTP) of each game
  • Volatility of the game mentioned
  • All slots have a minimum of 95% RTP

You will also be surprised to know that Netent alone handled 58.3 billion gaming transactions in the year 2019. It deals only with reputed and licensed casinos and the payoffs are regular and quite high. You will love the user interface of Netent. The pages are easy to browse through. Even if you have not played online games before, choosing the right game and playing it will be a breeze. This company also released a Virtual Reality slot game which was one of its kind and became very popular.

Which gaming platform to choose?

Both gaming platforms are equally good in their own way. If you are looking for good cross-platform solutions, then Playtech will be a better choice. The number of games offered by Playtech is also higher. Playtech has tie-ups with brands like HBO and offers movie-themed games that are interesting. Netent, however, gives you rich gaming experience. All games are carefully chosen and are graphically enticing. There are many free games and free trials available for paid games on Netent. Try both sites and pick the one you like.

Netent vs Playtech - Which is the better gaming platform?